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Put your tax refund to work, with myRA

myRA® makes saving simple, safe, and affordable:

  • It costs nothing to open an account, and there are no fees.
  • There are no minimum balance or contribution requirements.
  • There is no risk of losing money while safely earning interest.
Already have a myRA? Learn how easy it is to deposit some of your tax refund into your myRA.

Do you need help enrolling?

Representatives at our call center are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

myRA can help you get started

myRA is a starter retirement savings account for people who don’t have access to a retirement plan at work.

It’s simple. You take control.

  • Set up automatic contributions.
  • If you change jobs, the account stays with you.
  • Withdraw the money you put into your account at any time without paying tax and penalty.

It’s safe. No need to worry about your investment.

  • The investment is backed by the United States Treasury.
  • Your account will safely earn interest at 2.25% APR during the month of July 2017.

It’s affordable. Fits your budget with no cost or fees.

  • myRA costs nothing to open and has no fees.
  • You contribute an amount you choose ($2, $20, $200 — whatever fits your budget!).
  • myRA is a type of Roth IRA. Enjoy the tax advantages this type of investment brings.

Attention, tax professionals!

Help your clients put their tax refund to work with the myRA. Please visit

Play video about my R. A. could help you save more, pay less at tax time

Save more, pay less on your taxes

Saving with a myRA, a Roth IRA, may qualify you for the Saver’s Tax Credit, which could reduce your federal taxes and/or increase your tax refund. Start saving in a myRA this year and plan to claim the Saver’s Tax Credit next year.

Saving your refund with myRA is easy

It’s easy to put some or all of your tax refund into your myRA account. When preparing your tax return, choose to directly deposit your refund and provide your myRA account number and routing number. Indicate "Savings" as the account type.

25,000 more reasons to save

SaveYourRefund is a campaign providing incentives for Americans to save at tax time. Entrants have a chance to win one of 100 cash prizes and enter a photo contest to win the $25,000 grand prize. And it’s all to motivate Americans to save for the future. Enroll in myRA today and learn more about incentives like SaveYourRefund.

Save Your Refund

Make your savings grow

While a tax refund is a great way to add to your personal savings, consider setting up regular contributions from your paycheck or your checking or savings account. You can save up to $5,500 ($6,500 if you’re 50 or older) annually in all of your Roth and traditional IRA accounts combined, including myRA. Learn more.

Make tax time saving work for you

Tax time is a great time to save for your future, and myRA makes it easy.

Last updated 07/03/2017