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Depositing your tax refund

You can direct some or all of your tax refund into your myRA® account—it’s a great way to start or boost your retirement savings. The process may differ slightly depending on if you use tax preparation software or if you visit a tax professional, but generally it works the same way. If you’re visiting a professional tax preparer, simply print or share this page with them.

Set up the deposit

  1. Select “Savings” on your tax return when deciding where the refund will go
  2. Fill in the myRA account number (found in your myRA welcome packet)

    If you need help finding your account number, contact Customer Service.

  3. Fill in the myRA routing number: 111925074
  4. Enter the amount you want to save from your refund

Other ways to save

Direct deposit from paycheck

Have your employer set up repeating deposits to myRA from your paycheck. Learn more about direct deposit.

Checking or savings account

Set up one-time or repeating deposits to myRA using your bank account. Learn more about bank account transfers.

Last updated 5/1/2017