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Depositing money from a bank account

Linking your checking or savings account is simple, safe, and allows you to set up one-time or recurring deposits into your myRA account at any time.

One-time setup

  1. Click “Contribute or Withdraw”, then choose “Manage External Accounts”
  2. Click “Add an external account”, then select the type of account you wish to add, checking or savings
  3. Enter the routing and account numbers for the account you wish to add

    These numbers are found on your checks. If you need help, contact your bank.

    The routing number is the first number on a check, followed by the account number, then the check number.
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Verify that the information is correct, then click “Submit”
  6. Follow the steps below to verify your account

Verifying your account

As a security measure to ensure that the account is yours, you’ll need to verify some information.

  1. Save your verification code

    You received a unique 8-letter verification code after finishing step 6 above; it has also been sent to your email

  2. Find your test deposit amounts

    Review your bank account for two small test deposit amounts added from COMERICA BANK TEST TRAN. These deposits will be added within 3 days of signing up and will be less than $1.00

  3. Once you have your verification code and test deposits amounts, verify your bank account

Making one-time or repeating deposits

You can make a deposit once without committing to multiple deposits, or you can schedule automatic, repeating deposits if you prefer. After logging in to myRA, click “Contribute or Withdraw,” then click “Make a Contribution” and follow the instructions.

my R.A. 'Contribute or Withdraw' screen

Making changes

To view your upcoming deposits:

Click “Contribute or Withdraw,” then “View Scheduled Transactions” in the drop-down menu

To change or cancel your upcoming deposits:

View your upcoming deposits (above), then click “Edit” or “Delete” next to the deposit you wish to change. To edit, follow the one time or repeating deposit instructions above and click “Save Changes.” To delete, click “Delete this Schedule”.

Need help? Contact Customer Service.

Other ways to save

Direct deposit from paycheck

Have your employer set up repeating deposits to myRA from your paycheck. Learn more about direct deposit.

Tax refund

You can deposit a portion or all of your tax refund into your myRA account. Learn more about using your tax refund.

Last updated 5/1/2017