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Help us build a nation of savers

myRA makes it easy for people to start saving for retirement. Pass it on.

Why get involved?

Millions of people don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work or find it difficult to get started saving. Spread the word about myRA®, a retirement savings account developed by the United States Department of the Treasury. myRA removes common savings barriers and can help people start to save. Together we can build a nation of savers.

Here’s how

Introduce myRA to your audience

  • Link to from your website
  • Write about myRA in your newsletters and blog posts
  • Tell employers, affiliates and others in your network about myRA

Spark discussion about myRA

  • On social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Sponsor events or webinars on saving and include myRA
  • Display myRA posters, materials, etc.
  • Show a video about myRA
  • Forward invitations to myRA webinars and events

Get started with these tool kits

General toolkit

Open Enrollment toolkit

Payroll and HR providers toolkit

Get in touch

  • Know anyone with a great story about myRA? Let us know.
  • Have you helped anyone to enroll? Tell us your story.
  • Let us know your questions and how we can help.

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Last updated 03/15/2017