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Email to employees on myRA

Use this email to introduce and explain myRA® to employees.

Subject: myRA: An easy way to start saving for retirement

Dear [employee name], 

Having a way to save for the future is important, and that’s why I am pleased to announce that [name of company] is helping our employees save with myRA. myRA is a simple, safe, and affordable retirement savings account developed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  

Retirement can sometimes seem far away, unexpected expenses get in the way, and saving money isn’t always easy. So myRA was designed to make saving for retirement easy – no hassles, no fees, and no hidden costs. You decide how much you want to save – as little as a few dollars a month, up to $5,500 per year.* It’s a positive action you can take right now to take more control of your future and ensure your money grows over time. 

Best of all, with myRA, saving is automatic. Once you sign up, decide how much money you want to contribute each payday, and give that information to [name of department, job title or person/email and phone number], your part is done. Your money is deposited directly into your myRA account, which you can access online to manage and watch your savings grow. 

If you’d rather fund your myRA from a checking or savings account, that’s an option too. At tax time, you can also direct all or part of your federal tax refund to your myRA.]

You can set up recurring or one-time payments to your myRA from your checking, savings, or other personal account. You can also direct all or part of your federal tax refund to your myRA when you file your taxes.] 

To learn more and sign up, I encourage you to go to On the myRA website, you can sign up in just three simple steps.

myRA customer support is available to help with questions at 855-406-6972 or TTY/TDD 855-408-6972 or International 1-414-365-9616. You can also send an e-mail to

I hope you’ll check out myRA today. Depending on your situation, it could be just what you need to get in the savings habit and take more control of your future.

[Name or signature of sender]

*Annual and lifetime contribution limits and annual earned income limits apply, as do conditions for tax-free withdrawal of interest. Limits listed are for 2016 and may be adjusted annually for cost-of-living increases. To learn about key features of a Roth IRA and for other requirements and details, see
Last updated 7/29/2016